Investor Spotlight with Kris Who Vacations Up to Four Times a Year

Published April 21st, 2021
Investor spotlight

Kris is a Strategy and Marketing Consultant from Texas who is married with four kids and loves to travel with family. She joined Equity Residences about six years ago when looking for an investment opportunity that would provide not only a high return but also a great travel experience. Since then, Kris has enjoyed traveling with Equity Residences up to four times a year!

Recently, she took a break from working from home during the pandemic to visit the Dominican Republic.

Learn more about this and other travels in the interview below.

a person in a pool

Why was traveling with Equity Residences a good choice during the pandemic?

In 2020, when Kris become restless during the Covid-19 quarantine, she started researching tropical vacation destinations to get out of the daily rut of staying home.

“We went to the Dominican and it was the week after Thanksgiving when we were looking to go somewhere because the kids were remote and we were going stir crazy,” Kris said. “The weather looked great, so we decided to do school and work in paradise!”

The home in the Cap Cana resort not only has great weather, but also luxury amenities, open communal areas, and plenty of space for a large family. It fit Kris perfectly because it was big enough for the kids to attend school online while she worked. The butler and housekeeping staff were also a big bonus, as they helped with shopping, cooking, cleaning, and planning activities – something a big family would rarely be able to find at a hotel.

What did you like about the home in The Dominican Republic vs. other destinations?

After traveling to multiple fund homes in Mexico and the Caribbean, Kris enjoyed her first time in the Dominican Republic because it was an adventurous choice. They had access to a golf cart to drive around and explore!

“We really enjoyed the unique experience as it offers a taste of local food, easy access to the Eden Roc Beach Club, and convenient beach activities. It was also a relaxing, private, and secluded destination to get away from the chaos of the pandemic.” With a full day of activities nearby, you really don’t need to go anywhere else! This makes it a safe choice in terms of reducing contact with others and sanitation during the pandemic.

a bedroom with a large bed

Which homes in the fund would you recommend to other investors?

With multiple positive vacations to homes in Florida and Akumal, Mexico, Kris speaks highly of this investment to other friends and family who may be interested.

“With so many kids, it is too complicated to get multiple hotel rooms and I don’t feel as comfortable with kids in a hotel. It’s so much easier with a house!” She said. “What we really like is going to a place that has a consistent experience that we can trust. They are more cost-efficient vacations, which means we can travel more often – up to four times a year!”

Can you recommend any other Equity Residences destinations that investors may like?

Kris enjoys the home in Akumal because of its proximity to Tulum, Mexico – a popular destination for high-end travelers. It is well known for luxury dining, shopping, and offers a very different experience than your typical Mexican vacation. Kris says, “The restaurants in Tulum are amazing that we drive to for nice dinner out.”

Any exciting future travel plans with Equity Residences?

Now that investing with Equity Residences has brought more travel opportunities and a variety of destinations, Kris’s family is excited for more adventures in the future, especially at homes in mountain or ski destinations like Park City, UT.

“We are looking for destinations that are easy to travel to from Texas. We love the Captiva Island house as well.” Especially because more and more people are traveling during the pandemic, the demand will increase even more — exciting things to come in 2021!

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