Investor Spotlight: Stacy and Ron

Published November 28th, 2017
Investor spotlight

Ron and Stacy are empty nesters who have raised 23-year-old fraternal twins. As a successful business executive living in Tennessee, Ron had accrued plenty of Starwood and Marriott points through the years. However, he was looking for an opportunity to grow their investments while building lasting memories with family and friends that couldn’t be provided by hotel stays.

In March of 2015, after researching various investment options, Ron and Stacy decided to invest in Equity Residences real estate funds. They couldn’t be happier with their decision.

Ski Holidays With Family

Among their growing list of priceless experiences is hosting their twins and family friends in Equity Residences’ gorgeous five-bedroom, 5,800-sq-ft luxury mountain home in Deer Valley.

All of their guests enjoyed hitting the slopes at Deer Valley and Park City resorts, which are easily accessed from the residence, and walking to restaurants on Park City’s historic Main Street. Not only were they able to bring their family and friends together in a spacious and elegant home, they stayed rent-free in a property that would otherwise rent for $15,000 per week.

Equity Residences home in Park City, UT view

California Wine Country With Friends

Ron also has been pleasantly surprised by what he calls the “leveragable power” of an investment with Equity Residences.

“I don’t know if there are other ‘golf/wine snobs’ who have invested, but thought I would share this with you,” Ron said.

“Through our partnership with Elite Alliance, I reserved a week at Mayacama next month and will be hosting two other couples. Because of my Club Corp membership through Elite Alliance, I have worked with the concierge teams at both Club Corp and Mayacama to set up a pretty incredible week of golf and private wine tours and tastings at several ‘world-class’ wineries.”

“Through Club Corp, we will receive discounted rates from Ship Sticks, Santa Rosa Country Club, and several of the wineries we will be touring (Flora Springs, Silver Oak, Twomey, Cakebread). We also plan to use a driving service that Club Corp has arranged for us.”

“We plan to spend the weekend prior in San Francisco. We now have the ability through either ThirdHome or Elite Alliance to take advantage of their short-term stay program somewhere like The Ritz Carlton Residences.”

Other Adventures With Equity Residences

Other memorable Equity Residences adventures planned by Stacy and Ron include trips to Longboat Key (which they consider their new summer home), a return trip to Deer Valley (which they consider their winter home), Captiva, Marathon Key, and Palm Springs.

Meanwhile, Stacy is taking advantage of Elite Escapes for a girl’s weekend in Rosemary Beach and they gifted a week to Sedona as a wedding gift for their best friend’s daughter.

As Stacy and Ron have discovered, Equity Residences’ partnerships with Elite Alliance and ThirdHome provide access to hundreds of luxury vacation homes around the world while ClubCorp provides access to private social and golf clubs across the country. Our combined networks provide more leisure options than most people could experience in a lifetime. Making these experiences even better, concierge services will tailor your vacations to your specific needs and tastes.

Equity Residences November 2017 Update

Since we first published this Spotlight in October 2016, we have added a beach house in Seacrest Beach and a ski-in/ski-out home in Lake Tahoe to our Equity Platinum Fund portfolio in response to high demand from our investors.

While Ron and Stacey invested in the Equity Villa Fund, which now closed, the Equity Platinum Fund keeps adding new homes in the most coveted destinations both in the US and internationally.

If you are considering becoming an investor, you can fill out a registration form here and get in touch with our team.

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