Interview With Our Silicon Valley Investor Karthik.

Published May 8th, 2018
Investor spotlight

Equity Platinum Fund partner Karthik highlights his luxury real estate investment fund investor experience.

When Karthik first learned about Equity Residences, he says it sounded too good to be true. “I said, what’s the catch? I get to make what to me is a smart investment in real estate, and go on fantastic vacations with my family? We get to enjoy the variety of seeing the world, and also go back again and again to the places we love? Where do I sign up?”

He and his wife Vandana did sign up, for Equity Residence’s Platinum Fund. “We were really excited about the type of homes that were being described as part of the Platinum Fund portfolio. Vacations are so few and so precious to us. We thought it would be fantastic if we could avail ourselves of that kind of property when we go on vacation.”

Equity Residences Mauna Lani Resort home with infinity pool and golf course views

On his family vacation style before and after investing with Equity Residences.

Originally from India, Karthik and his wife often use their vacation time visiting family back home – valuable trips, he says, but not vacations. “So when we do take family vacations, our philosophy is, we want to see the world. But we also want to have an anchor, those places near and dear to us.”

What are the near and dear spots? Hawaii, Karthik says, and more recently Tahoe. “We haven’t skied much, but we went to Tahoe last weekend, and my wife said, we need to go back every year. And Equity Residences has phenomenal homes in both those places. Beyond that, the rest of the places are gravy.” Karthik says one of Equity Residences’ newest properties caught his daughter’s eye. “Florida isn’t necessarily high on my list of places to go, but when my daughter saw the color of the water she said, ‘I’ve gotta go there for my Instagram!’”

Luxury Rosemary Beach Fractional Vacation Home by Equity Residences Platinum Fund is located steps to the beach


Karthik says he and his family also take advantage of Equity Residences’ partnerships with companies like ThirdHome and Elite Alliance. “We’re going to London for the kids’ spring break. We traded one week of our Platinum Fund time for a two-bedroom condo right by Buckingham Palace, close to Notting Hill. I’m sure my daughter will find lots for Instagram there.”

According to Karthik, one of the best things about their affiliation with Equity Residences is the degree to which it’s served as an impetus to take more consistent vacations. “It’s making us look ahead. It almost forces us to plan great trips. Last year, our holidays were spoken for with trips to India to see our parents; the year was just gone. This year, we’ve been more disciplined. We said we have this time to use, let’s take advantage, and get into that routine for the next ten years.”

On his favorite travel destinations with Equity Residences.

Karthik says that the approach is already paying off. First, his family spent time at the Tahoe house over President’s Day week. “It’s a private ski-in, ski-out lodge at Northstar. Two master bedrooms sleep 12 comfortably, so we’ll be able to invite friends and family along. We can already see we’ll build a lot of memories there.”

Northstar Resort Equity Residences

Karthik and his family also went to London for spring break and the Big Island for Thanksgiving.

And then? Who knows. They have the whole world to choose from.

“We’re a bit of planners, my wife and I. We enjoy the process. We’re planning three years worth of vacations. What are we doing next year, the year after? It makes us dream a little bit in our spare time…We feel very lucky.”

“If you are “comfortable investing in real estate”, Equity Platinum Fund is a “great option.”

Watch Karthik video testimonial where he explains in full detail how the Equity Residences luxury real estate investment fund model works. Karthik says that if you are “comfortable investing in real estate”, Equity Platinum Fund is a “great option.

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