Enjoy Your Turks And Caicos Vacation At The Equity Platinum Fund Villa

Published November 9th, 2019
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The Equity Platinum Fund Newest Villa – Villa Capri

Equity Residences Turks and Caicos Areal View

Turks and Caicos is a top requested destination in the Caribbean from our investors. Bloomberg describes Turks and Caicos as a vacation destination for the “rich”, or the wealthiest 5% of the American travelers, along with other Caribbean getaways like St. John and the Dominican Republic.

The stunning natural setting is a major attraction here. The islands’ white-sand beaches and azure waters are breathtaking. The clear water absorbs the sun’s rays and reflects the blue in the light. The result is an incredible blue, like an immense clear blue sapphire. Turks and Caicos vacations are for people who like to unwind and get in touch with nature in their own private space.

Fans of snorkeling will find marine life galore. The clear, warm waters take your breath away. You can swim with dolphins, manta rays, and schools of colorful tropical fish. One of our favorites is Smith’s Reef where you can snorkel from the shore. Don’t forget to take your snorkeling gear with you, so you can make the most of your trip.

We started looking for a perfect opportunity to buy a residence for the Equity Platinum Fund in 2017. It took us time and a lot of patience to find a perfect villa on the islands. We are happy to present Villa Capri on the island of Providenciales, the stunning new residence for the Equity Residences investors.

The Turks and Caicos island of Providenciales boasts some of the highest vacation rental rates in the Caribbean. Villa Capri can rent for $1,500 a night and up to $3,000 a night for a high peak season. This acquisition presents an opportunity for us to provide our investors with “rent-free” vacations and offset operating fees for the Equity Platinum Fund investors when we rent the villa out on the open market.

The villa is a modern private oasis on Chalk Sound National Marine Park. We look forward to welcoming our investors into this stunning modern sanctuary.

The Sun, Sand, And A Private Villa Overlooking Azure Seas

The Turks and Caicos Islands stretch some 2,000 miles across the Caribbean Sea. Each island has its style, topography, and attractions. Many islands have scenic spots and pristine beaches. None are quite like what you find on Providenciales Island

Turks And Caicos Is Perfect For Vacationing At Your Own Private Villa

The view from the Villa Capri changes with the time of day as the result of the interplay of the sun and the sea. As the sun moves west the intensity of the rays changes the blue hues. Wait for the sun to set. The sunsets on Turks and Caicos are nothing short of spectacular.

There’s an infinity pool on the deck. Pull up a chaise and soak up the sun and salt air. Fire up the grill, load it up with fresh seafood and have a gourmet meal. The kids will never leave the pool. It’s the perfect way to make memories.

The living room and both master bedrooms enjoy stunning water views. The villa is modern and well-appointed.

Chalk Sound National Marine Park

Our Villa is situated on the stunning turquoise water of Chalk Sound which is ideal for snorkeling or swimming and shallow enough to enjoy with kids. Motorized boats are not allowed and the water is clean, safe and shallow. It is home to hundreds of marine species, birds and plants.

Providenciales Island Is Perfect For The Adventurer…

There are many great ways to make your stay memorable. Take your pick of hiking, diving, and snorkeling. If you can’t decide, you can enjoy all three in the same day. Head back to the villa to get ready for an unforgettable dinner.

Visitors from January through April can experience the migration of Caribbean humpback whales.

…And For A Beach Bum…

Wander idyllic white-sand beaches. Splash in warm water as it washes onto the beach. Spend the entire day beachcombing, swimming, paddling, and snorkeling.

Is there a better way to unwind than on a palm tree-lined beach in the Caribbean? There is plenty of room to spread out and enjoy the sunny surroundings. Why not make the focus of your day watching schools of tropical fish or chasing lobster and conch? There are 230 miles of beaches across the 40 islands ready for you to explore.

…And For Foodies

The world’s best chefs call Turks and Caicos home and they serve up spectacular dishes to delight your palate. Some of our favorites include CoCo Bistro and Las Brisas. You’ll have plenty to choose from! Fine dining, island cuisine, bars, pubs, bakeries welcome you to explore new dishes to try.

A Word To Expert Scuba Divers

Turks Caicos lie right on the edge of two undersea mountain top plateaus. Swim along the edge of an awe-inspiring abyss. Stare into the dark where the ocean floor drops off to 7,000 feet.

There is plenty of underwater life to observe. Bonefish and barracudas are common in the water. You will see stingrays and small lemon sharks on occasion too.

The islands have weathered marine limestone featured along the coasts. The locals call it ironshore. Small sinkholes and caves develop over time as the water beats against the shore. It is a feature unique to the islands.

Iguanas on the islands make their homes by cleaning out the existing holes and crevices in the rock. You’ll see them foraging for fruits, plants, and prickly-pear cacti. Birdlife isn’t as abundant here as at some of the other wetland areas in the country. Lagoons across the chain do tend to fill up with large populations of gulls, terns, and herons.


Cultural awareness is growing in importance on the islands and an effort is being made to document and preserve the local culture.

The Turks and Caicos share many cultural elements with the Bahamas. Residents have Bahamian ancestry and have lived or were born in the Bahamas.

The Conch Festival is an annual event. It’s a festival-like atmosphere with delicious food and vibrant energy. The festival features local elements like live Ripsaw music and Junkanoo.


If the vivid turquoise water or conch fritters don’t excite you, the rhythms of the islands will. Heavily influenced by Bahamian music, ripsaw anchors T&C music. The music is rooted in the past. It is part of daily life today!

Ripsaw is a scraping sound made by drawing a screwdriver or a knife over the teeth of a saw blade. This sound is often accompanied by guitar, drums, and the triangle. Junkanoo, a Bahamian music genre, is also popular.

Cuisine – The Conch Is King!

Not surprisingly, the cuisine on T&C features fresh seafood. There is a heavy influence from nearby Jamaica and the Bahamas. Conch (pronounced CONK) is a tropical marine mollusk native to the Caribbean islands. It’s served in everything from salads and curries to conch burgers and chowder. Fans of calamari will love crispy conch fritters. Try it with a little salt and pepper and your right amount of hot sauce.

Refuge And Hideout For Pirates And Buccaneers

For hundreds of years, the islands have attracted those seeking refuge. What better setting than in this remote and beautiful paradise? The Turks and Caicos Islands were a popular hideout for pirates and buccaneers. You’ll find maps and markings etched in stones around the islands.

Many A Pirate Called The Cays Home

Pirates loved Turks and Caicos because the island’s reefs trapped and wrecked ships, which allowed industrious pirates to raid them easily. Another reason for this devotion is the island’s geographical location, which placed them in the way of Spanish galleons that were transporting gold from South and Central America.

Legend has it that Captain William Kidd buried his treasure consisting of huge caches of gold, silver, and gems somewhere in the islands. The treasure inspired Robert Louis Stevenson’s legendary novel Treasure Island.

The tiny island of French Cay was once a hideout for buccaneer Françoise L’Olonnais. He raided passing Spanish galleons then took cover in the Cay with his loot.

Famous female pirates Anne Bonny and Mary Reade often camped in the Parrot Cay with their male compatriots.

Explore The Cays At George Cay

Once home to a small British fort in the 1800s, Fort George Cay has a rich pirate history. Plantation owners dotted the area with huge cannons. Meant to protect from the many threats of pirate ships in the area. Those very cannons are now visible in a few feet of clear water in the bay.

Spend Your Turks And Caicos Vacation With Your Loved Ones

So what is the best part of jetting off to Turks and Caicos for a Caribbean island getaway? It’s the feeling you get when you are together with loved ones on vacation.

Spend time with friends. Get your fill of sun, sand, and salt air. Get all the kids back together again for a fabulous reunion. Special memories won’t be difficult to create. Now is the time to make a plan to welcome everyone for a stay at your fabulous private villa. Make it happen in unforgettable Turks and Caicos.

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