You get to invest in vacation real estate with none of the usual hassle, like the responsibility of maintenance and property management. We take care of every detail so you can really be on vacation. Dinner reservations, booking your activities, and stocking your fridge? Your concierge makes it all happen. You take vacations that are hassle-free with luxury accommodation that’s next-to-free. For 10 years, your money will be working for you while you’re busy seeing bucket-list places and making a decade’s worth of memories with the people you love. At the end of 10 years, we liquidate our residences, and you get paid—all of your original investment, and 80% of the profit. That’s in addition to the valuable vacation dividends you’ve enjoyed over the term of your investment.

Meet your Concierge

Concierge Services

Meet Laura, our Guest Relations Director and Your Concierge. Yes, Laura is her real name and she’s going to help turn your dream vacation into reality—whether that involves something as simple as stocking the fridge, creating a schedule of activities or making your dinner reservations for you and your closest friends. But this concierge’s job doesn’t stop there. Looking for surf lessons for the kids? Laura can make the arrangements. Want to go on a sunset dinner cruise around the bay? Just let Laura take care of the details. Every request receives personal attention from Laura and her team. “We have been able to accommodate anything that has been requested,” says Laura. “Sometimes we have to get a little creative, but we usually make it work.”

Investor Testimonials

We believe that the equity fund model is the smartest, most savvy way to take luxury vacations. But you don’t have to take our word for it. Here, our investors share their stories and highlight their experiences.

Andrew H.
I am an entrepreneur by trade. Sold one of my businesses three years ago and started all kinds of investing in real estate. That’s how I found Equity Residences primarily as an investment. And it tu
Trina O.
“I decided my money was much better spent investing in real estate rather than renting and not having anything to show for it."
Meesh P.
“Initially I was looking at some of the other options out there on the marketplace. But really as I started to dig deep realized there really is no comparison to Equity Residences.”
Karthik H.
“When we take family vacations, our philosophy is, we want to see the world. But we also want to have an anchor, those places near and dear to us.”