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Everything you need to know about our luxury real estate investment fund for accredited investors and how it compares to fractionals, destination clubs, vacation clubs, and timeshares.

Luxury Real Estate Investment Fund

Equity Residences structures its funds to be a financial investment, while also providing the lifestyle benefits offered by destination clubs. Our funds have a 10-year liquidation horizon. At the end of that period, the fund residences are sold and the proceeds, including significant anticipated appreciation, are distributed to our investors. Your money goes to work as soon as you invest, and you go on incredible vacations with the people you love.

Destination Clubs

Destination clubs offer their members exclusive access to luxury vacation homes and hotels around the world. Members pay fees to access the portfolios and don’t hold any equity in the homes.

Fractional Real Estate

Fractionals offer a great way to split ownership of luxury vacation homes between multiple parties. Read our guide to fractionals here.

Private Residence Clubs

Private Residence Clubs are high-end fractionals. There are no legal or technical distinctions between the two but there are significant actual differences. Within the fractional ownership industry, developments selling their shared residences for $1,000 or more per square foot are deemed to be residence clubs, while fractionals are those developments selling for less.

Vacation Clubs

Vacation clubs are variations of timeshares. Club members pre-pay for vacation time at the resort properties and choose between different destinations within the resort network.